Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fleeting Moments

Time goes by so quickly. Soon summer will be behind us. The lawn will stop growing, the flowers will stop blooming, and the earth will prepare to rest. Will we follow her cue? Will we take the time to draw into ourselves and nourish our spirits, re-access our directions, adjust our plans?

In a word, no. We will go into overdrive. School is open, schedules are crammed, and the holidays are right around the corner. Yes, really! Thanksgiving is only 12 weeks away, and you know how quickly Christmas arrives once those dishes are done!

During these fleeting moments, let's take the time, make the time, to replenish ourselves. Go out to the garden and feel the dappled sunlight on our faces. Breathe in the fresh air. Remember what we love about our crazy lives and vow to spend more time doing those things, with those we love.

My latest tile for the Healing Ceilings project, offers cancer patients a seat in the garden. A place to go, a place to rest. Their burdens are so heavy.

I sincerely hope this tile offers at least one patient an emotional break from their hectic schedule. Maybe one caregiver, nurse, or doctor, will look up and feel calmed, or soothed.

As your summer fades into fall, remember to grab on to those fleeting moments!

Love from my studio,

Monday, August 19, 2013

Just To Get Started...

Let me tell you what I've been up to lately.

I can't remember exactly how I ran across this opportunity, but I'm so delighted to have become involved.

I have been painting ceiling tiles for the Cancer Center of North Carolina. These tiles will be placed in the treatment areas, so patients will have something to look at while receiving chemo, x-rays, counseling, or any other treatment required while they wage their personal war against cancer.

My personal objective is to give the patients a "place to go" within their view. I mean, seriously, how depressing must it be to sit back in a chair, or lay on a cot, looking up at a blank, white tile, with a thousand holes? Let's face it, cancer treatment goes on, week after week.

I'm working on my fourth tile now, and loving every minute of it!

Here are a couple of the tiles I've created already.

With this one (sorry about the flash glare), I hoped the observer would feel transported out to the country. Fresh air, blue skies, and daisies!

The following tile was inspired by a ferry ride from my home town of Southport, NC, to Fort Fisher, NC. What a delightful ride! Much better than sitting in traffic on Highway 17, in 90 degree heat.

I sure hope whomever views this from their treatment area can feel the wind in their hair, the sea mist on their face, and catch the salty scent of the ocean!

Until next time, enjoy every moment!

Love from my studio,